We Needed an Apartment That Allowed Us to Bring Our Big Dog

I despised moving, but it seemed like it was an inevitable necessity since we were apartment dwellers. If it wasn’t an apartment going downhill because of landlords making promises and not keeping them, it was new neighbors moving in that were just not your cup of tea so to speak. And yes, that is putting it mildly! My husband asked me if I would look for Tallahassee apartments for rent that did not have a weight restriction on dogs. We were able to find a lot of places that allowed dogs. Some places even allowed you to have two dogs. However, it was harder to find a really nice place that did not limit the weight of your dog to one of the smaller breeds. We have a 150 pound trained German Shepherd. She is not a service animal for the handicapped, but she is highly trained.

In looking around online for Tallahassee apartments for rent, I found Tally Square that does not have a weight restriction on dogs, and they allow two. That was great news as we were really wanting to adopt and train a second GSD. Our dog is no different to us than a child would be to another couple. I appreciate it that more property management companies that are handling residential apartments are seeing this and making accommodations for apartment dwellers. Our girl is quiet. She does not even bark unless it is for specific reasons she has been trained to bark for. She does not jump on people, and she ignores even those annoying untrained dogs a lot of people have.

We were happy to find a clean and modern apartment that is packed with amenities. The property grounds are nice for taking walks, and the pool is clean and sparkling. No dirty green water like we saw a lot at our old place. The hardwood floors are nice too. Our GSD does shed, but we keep our place impeccably clean. Hardwood floors help with that a lot.

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