We Just Got Settled in

The move has gone pretty well for us, but we are getting some problems with different things. For one thing it turns out that we need to figure out which one of a handful of electricity providers we should pick. That is not something that we have ever done in the past. I never lived any place where they gave you a choice. Back in High Point if you wanted to get the lights turned on, then you had to call Duke Energy which is part of a huge conglomerate that is called the Southern Company and which operates a large number of electric companies, nearly all of them monopolies in the areas in which they operate. It is not so difficult to figure out who to call when there is only one number that you can call. In fact we have a nice location for me and for my wife Emma. It is really perfect for her, since the school where she is working is only about five minutes away at the worst. It is a longer commute for me, but twenty minutes is not really much when you compare it to other people who have to get up an hour before work starts.

I have been pretty happy so far, but the business of moving has really kept me occupied. When you do not have the time for problems to weigh you down that really does make things a lot easier to do. It is how I like things. If you keep focused on all of the things that you need to do then you have very little time left over to worry about the things that do not really matter. You can not get bogged down in the small stuff when you are really focused on the things that matter.

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