I Moved to Live Near My Favorite Aunt

My aunt called me one day, and she sounded very confused. She had just been looking at apartments in Tallahassee and she said that she rent one. She wanted to downsize a bit after selling her very large home. I was happy for her, but I was worried about the way that she sounded. I asked her if everything was okay, and she began crying. She told me that she had been having trouble living on her own for a while, and she said that her doctor had told her that she was having some age-related memory problems. This really worried me.

At some point during the phone conversation with my aunt, I asked her if she would be interested in moving to my state so she could be closer to where I am. She told me that she loved the city that she was living in, and it was home to her. However the apartment she rented has two bedrooms and she said that I would always be welcome to live with her, and she even said she would really love it if I gave it some serious consideration. (more…)

We Needed an Apartment That Allowed Us to Bring Our Big Dog

I despised moving, but it seemed like it was an inevitable necessity since we were apartment dwellers. If it wasn’t an apartment going downhill because of landlords making promises and not keeping them, it was new neighbors moving in that were just not your cup of tea so to speak. And yes, that is putting it mildly! My husband asked me if I would look for Tallahassee apartments for rent that did not have a weight restriction on dogs. We were able to find a lot of places that allowed dogs. Some places even allowed you to have two dogs. However, it was harder to find a really nice place that did not limit the weight of your dog to one of the smaller breeds. We have a 150 pound trained German Shepherd. She is not a service animal for the handicapped, but she is highly trained. (more…)

We Just Got Settled in

The move has gone pretty well for us, but we are getting some problems with different things. For one thing it turns out that we need to figure out which one of a handful of electricity providers we should pick. That is not something that we have ever done in the past. I never lived any place where they gave you a choice. Back in High Point if you wanted to get the lights turned on, then you had to call Duke Energy which is part of a huge conglomerate that is called the Southern Company and which operates a large number of electric companies, nearly all of them monopolies in the areas in which they operate. It is not so difficult to figure out who to call when there is only one number that you can call. In fact we have a nice location for me and for my wife Emma. (more…)

Breaking the Ice and Meeting new People While Traveling as a Student

One of the most difficult parts of any relationship is the beginning. The part that most people have difficulty with is often called “Breaking the Ice.” Why is it called that? Simple, imagine that you want to go fishing in Alaska in winter. What is the first thing that you would have to do to get to the ‘fish’? The answer is that you would have to make a hole in the ice, or break a part of the ice. That will give you access to the water underneath and then you’ll be able to fish all you want.

Relationships with humans are much the same. When two people first meet, they are sizing each other up, but there is almost like an invisible wall between them. You can call it, an invisible sheet of ice. That sheet of ice ought to be broken for the two people to start communicating on a personal and profound level. And that’s when real relationships can begin to form and thrive.

So how do you about doing this? What are the simplest methods to ‘break the ice’ especially while traveling as a student? Here are some tips that will help any student who wants to make friendships and lasting relationships while on their travels, either in Toronto Canada or Chicago Illinois. It works regardless of the location that you are going to.

1. Be friendly and reach out to others

That’s is probably one of the most important factors in forming quick relationships. People will not seek out someone who is deemed unfriendly. You ought to be as friendly as you can, even to though you do not know.

travelling in paris

2. Smile When Meeting Strangers

A smile has a lot of power. People often underestimate the power of a smile. But you should not, because smiling at someone you just met can make a difference in the first impression that people will get about you.

3. Go out and have fun

If you stay in your dorm or hotel, you are bound not to meet many people. It ‘s hard to meet people and break the ice if you’re not meeting new people to start with. You must go out and enjoy yourself in the company of others. That is the starting point of meeting others and forming these great new relationships that you are seeking.

4. Be personable and Caring

Finally, when you respond to new people, try to do what you can to break the ice with being personable. People will always appreciate someone who is personable and who comes across as caring. Look at your friends right now and try to determine what are some of the characteristics that you love about them, then try to embody these characteristics in yourself. Chances are, people will love you for it just as much as you love your friends.

Finally, remember to take contact information from everyone that you meet during your travels. Things such as Facebook and email address make communication very easy nowadays. So don’t be shy, and remember always to have fun.

Happy Travels!